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Meet our trainers

Meet our dedicated team of professional trainers at Infinity Wellness. Each brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to our center, committed to guiding you on your personalized fitness journey.

Cam Peavy

CEO & Founder

Cam started his journey in personal training back in 2013. After earning his Exercise Science degree and MBA from Auburn University, and achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, he opened Infinity in 2021. His mission? Simple. He wants to help people become healthier and happier. He believes this can lead to better relationships, more career success, healthier kids, and stronger families.

Alex Philippona

Studio Manager

Alex was born in Dothan. He was a fat kid until high school. He lost a lot of weight that summer with a personal trainer. He competed in strongman and powerlifting for years. With a desire to positively impact others through his experiences, Alex pursued and obtained a personal training certification. Alex’s life took another meaningful turn when he met his future wife in Auburn. The two of them now reside happily in Opelika. He loves cats, chess, tabletop war games, Star Wars, martial arts, and playing the piano.

Nick Moore

personal trainer

Nick is an experienced trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Chemistry from Jacksonville State University and a Master’s in Biomechanics from Auburn University. A former powerlifting and strongman competitor and medalist, Nick has also worked as a performance optimization specialist for Team USA Men’s Handball. In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with family and friends, training in a variety of movement disciplines, and playing the guitar.



Jonathan is no stranger to the personal training scene, with over 5 years of active experience coaching a wide variety of clientele. He currently holds a multitude of training & coaching certifications, and plans to graduate from Auburn University in the Spring with a dual-major in Exercise Science & Nutrition.

Jeremy Bernal

personal trainer

Jeremy is a NASM certified personal trainer with a passion for music and a diverse life experience. Having lived in Abu Dhabi for eight years, Jeremy brings a unique global perspective to his training approach. He is also a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, demonstrating his commitment to discipline and continuous learning.

A’Darius Pugh

personal trainer

A’Darius Pugh, with over three years in personal training and strength conditioning, also has experience in remote training. He played Junior College and Division 2 baseball, deepening his athletic skills. Passionate about Olympic weightlifting, A’Darius combines his sports expertise with enthusiasm for physical fitness.
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